About Us

Socio Economic Health & Agricultural Development Association (SEHADA) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization, founded by a group of grass root level women activists has the core objective of organizing people for ensuring women rights, social justice and promote community development. SEHADA established on 25th December 1989 is registered under the Societies Registration Act (SRA), 1860. It is also registered under the Foreign Contribution Registration Act (FCRA), 1976 under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi and under 12 A & 80 G of IT Act, 1961.


A society with sustainable development and self-reliant people where women enjoy equal opportunity in all the spheres, live with dignity in an environment free of harassment & exploitation


To bring about equality by empowering people through organization building, enabling them to identify and prioritize issues that affect their lives for collective action and vision building.


The importance of institution building, braodbasing development partnership & network building can’t be overempasized in the context of the community enegagment of SEHADA.

Aims & Objective

SEHADA aim to establish people’s organization, which will help in empowering them to work collectively, with more confidence for their own development .The particular objective are organize peoples for social justice, women rights and promote community development.

Legal Status

Act Numbers Date of registration Registration No
SRA 1860 of XXI 29.04.1992 SBL No. 4106-7
Renewal FCRA 05.05.2016 105060046
I.T 1961 sec 12 (A) 13.02.1995 61/93-94
NITI AAYOG 2012 OR/2012/0052591
PAN     -- AADTS5957P
TAN 02/08/2017 BBNS07657G